Terms of cancellation

Following a rental request, after having received the confirmation of availability, the bicycle is only booked after providing the data of a valid credit card, as a guarantee. We reserve the right to perform an operation to verify the validity of the credit card provided.  Once you have booked a rental bike, 30% of the rental cost will not be refundable. Cancellation within one week of rental will be 50% non-refundable. At any time, less than 3 days before booking, 100% non-refundable. It is not possible to change the dates or duration of the rental contract after the booking confirmation.

Terms of use

The rental and use of bikes presupposes the knowledge and unconditional acceptance, by the User, of this regulation, rates, opening and closing time of the renting operator, Promosnò sas, owner of the asset based in Str. Col Alt, 61 Corvara in Badia (Bz) by  BreakOut sport, P.IVA 01664470216

  1. To obtain the rental of a bike the User must previously submit a valid identity document at the shop and formalize the rental agreement. The rental is reserved for adult holders of non-rechargeable credit cards. 
  2. The use of the bike requires physical fitness and the technical expertise of those who intend to drive it. Therefore, when renting the bicycle the User declares to be endowed with adequate capacity and appropriate expertise, placing no reserve. 
  3. The bicycle is to be used only as a means of transport and is to be treated with care, common sense and diligence, in order to avoid damage both to the bike and related accessories. Use of the bicycle is both forbidden for business and third persons may not be allowed to use it. 
  4. The User is responsible for the bike until restitution to the Leaser; he is also responsible for damage caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third parties and belongings while using the Bike. The Leaser may not be required any form of compensation. 
  5. During the rental period the User does not benefit from any form of insurance nor the bike is covered by liability insurance. You are therefore required to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The Leaser disclaims any liability in the event of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code. 
  6. In case of loss of keys, bicycle accessories or damage the customer will be required to pay the amount necessary to restore the vehicle to the original condition, based on the rates and supplier preventive; 
  7. The User shall pay the relevant payment from the beginning of the rental until he will present himself to close the rental agreement, in addition to any charges for damage and total or partial thefts. Pedals, if provided by the rental, are paid once at a cost of € 5.00; The collection of the bicycle, if possible, at 19:00 the evening before the beginning of the rental contract, will incur an additional cost of € 10.00; the bicycle is delivered with standard setting, each custom fitting comes with a surcharge.
  8. In case of theft of the bicycle, the User shall submit to the Leaser a copy of the report to the competent authority and pay the amount equal to the value of the stolen bicycle (see Section 2), which will be returned in case of recovery of the vehicle. For anything not mentioned in this regulation the