Ivo Rudiferia

“I believe that mountains and snow have always been part of my life, it could not be otherwise: my passions, my hobbies, my work, everything revolves around these elements.”

  • Snowboard world champion
  • Ski and snowboard instructor
  • National instructor and responsible for the training of snowboard instructors in South Tyrol for over 15 years
  • Former athlete of the Italian national team


When you are an athlete for many years, snow is also a sacrifice, but you love it anyway. Now I try to transfer my passion to others: to those who are not satisfied with skiing on groomed slopes but want to experience intense emotions in complete safety or to those who love to travel kilometers on skis and discover a different place in the Dolomites every day, I organize excursions , full-day accompanied skiing, perfecting the technique.
For you too the mountains will become an unforgettable, unique moment …