Skiing has never been easier!  

The beginning of snowboarding has influenced significantly the evolution of the ski, many manufacturers have decided to study and develop new skis, inspired by the snowboard: the carving skis.

The material research was born and has grown for the ski races and when it has led to convincing results, some decisions has been transferred to the tourism ski market.

There are several technical reasons that make the carving ski the perfect response to the needs of different skiers:
    • The waisted ski runs much more easily than a traditional ski
    • it is considerably shorter
    • it is easier to control.

Simply tilt the skis on the edges with the movement of the hip and the ski turns almost by itself; with skis that turn so easily, less muscular and technical effort is required.
Therefore they are less tiring; the wide trace offers more control and stability on all snow conditions; you will feel able to ski also on difficult slopes for experienced skiers.
If you have not tried it yet, you should do it; you run the “risk” of not being able to do without it.

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